Very rough plans for K3b 2.1

Michał (the lead K3b developer) is busy preparing K3b 2.0 for release. However we have some rough plans how to proceed after that release. I’d like to share them with you.

Keep in mind that Michał is currently pretty much the only developer (I’m just a translator who occasionally lends a hand on janitorial work if within my capabilities), so in the end it depends on the amount of time and work he can put into K3b whether it even happens like this.

  • Support of KDE Plasma’s global progress bar and removal of K3b’s own progress OSD.
    This is not a crucial feature for 2.0 and according to Michał actually requires a higher amount of work one might think.
  • Support for writing Flash Drive images.
    With CD drive-less netbooks on the rise and the announcement of KDE’s Plasma Netbook Reference Platform, K3b 2.1 may support USB Flash Drives as target medium. So instead of cryptic dd if=Plasma-Netbook-Reference.i686-0.1.0-*.raw of=/dev/sdX commands, hopefully 2.1 will do the same with two mouse clicks. 🙂
  • Spanning data projects over more than one disk.
    Let’s say you’d like to record 7GB of data. Then you’ll be prompted to insert either a Dual Layer DVD or two regular DVDs.
  • DVD subtitle grabbing.
    Title basically says it all. 🙂
  • Somewhat fixed release cycle.
    Three of the most used Linux distributions (Fedora, Kubuntu, and Mandriva) have a fixed 6-months release cycle with releases every spring and fall. To reduce the amount of incoming bug reports for “old” K3b versions, we hope to release new versions in time before those distributions’ feature freeze. Maybe (only maybe) releases will happen more often than that, but don’t expect a brand new K3b version three weeks after a Fedora/Kubuntu/Mandriva release.
    And maybe (again: only maybe) K3b 2.1 will be released along with KDE SC 4.5, because of the already mentioned Netbook Reference Platform that should have its first stable release with SC 4.5.

That’s it for now from K3b. And now I’d like to advertise one of my favorite bands: Van Canto 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Very rough plans for K3b 2.1”

    1. Yes, like that… but with k3b integration some feature duplication(and bugs)… could be avoided… and some things could be reused….

  1. The new K3b is eagerly awaited by users, so good luck with the release. Personally I’m looking forward to that Spanning option. Still, it’s nice to know that it will come, even if not yet 🙂

  2. I would like K3b team, once and for all, to clearly list what plugins, packages are required for typical distributions to burn audio cd’s! Each time I use a distro and try to burn audio cd for the first time, I am greeted by the onimous dialog which tells me mp3 encoder/decoder plugin in not installed. Surprisingly, k3b has been around for so long and yet each distribution seems to have an obsure way of installing the missing codecs! I am still searching for the codec on openSUSE, for example. Only PCLinuxOS seems to have it the right way from the word go!

    So, what possible names does the codec package have?

      1. Hi Markus, my point was not to blame the devs … i wanted a consistent package name to install so I get the required codecs … if its k3b-codes, that’s great. Thanks.

  3. This is an awesome list of features. I am really looking forward to the shiny new K3B, both 2.0 and 2.1.

    Good luck!

  4. That’s excellent news that you are planning to support burning to USB sticks!

  5. Why a release cycle at all. What’s wrong with releasing when it’s ready? I’d much rather have an application that works well, and is relatively bug free. Not something that was rushed out the door so some 14 year old kids can play with it for 10 minutes before returning to another OS. No need to pressure someone into releasing twice a year. This only adds bugs and problems.

    Some people actually use Linux as their only OS, and need working reliable applications. Not something that works most of the time for most of the people with some of the features some of the time. <— Hey look I just described Ubuntu 😉

    There's a reason Debian, RHEL, and SLED are used by more corporations than any other Linux distro. That's the same reason Mint switched from an Ubuntu base to Debian.

    1. Nobody is planning to ship buggy K3b versions (K3b works reliable since the 1.6x alpha releases). However, we do have to keep our own resources in mind. I don’t know if Michał is paid to work on K3b, but I’m not. I rather spend a whole weekend straightening up the K3b GUI and be sure it can be shipped in late winter than to get 6 months reports of bugs that were fixed in a version that was released in May, but couldn’t be picked up by the spring distros because of their version freeze.
      In the end that would just result in a higher work load for all of us.

      Michał and IIRC even Sebastian (the former K3b maintainer) wanted to try out this somewhat fixed release cycle. If it doesn’t work, we can still abandon it.

      That said, look at the past year. K3b releases happened more than once every 6 months — more like once every two months (at least after Michał took over).

      Btw, Mint didn’t switch to Debian. Mepis did and Mepis used Ubuntu only for a while. It used Debian before that. And SUSE Enterprise has a rather fixed release cycle: It’s based on openSUSE’s x.1 releases. openSUSE is released every 8 months and has 4 sub-releases within one major version (x.0-x.3). The actual SUSE Enterprise release happens IIRC 4 months after openSUSE x.1.

  6. k3b is looking good!

    btw is this band for reals? the music sounds like Tenacious D and the video seems to be a parody… but i don’t know what it is a parody *of*

    1. It a real band. It’s AFAIK the only a-capella metal band in the word. They just released their 3rd album. Check their YouTube channel.

  7. That data spanning feature would be great. I’ve been searching for hours now on the Internet, how to do that in a straight forward manner. Be blessed.

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