Konqueror doesn’t pass Acid2 (occasionally)

Five years ago it was announced that Konqueror is the second browser of all to pass Acid2.
Just for fun I thought to check how KHTML is doing these days and ran Acid 2 and 3 with it. Well… how times change…

rekonq (QtWebKit) and Konqueror (KHTML) – each in its latest version.

Interestingly enough, the red nose bug is triggered by running Acid3 before. The rendering glitches next to the eyes only appear when you enter http://acid2.acidtests.org/#top directly into the URL bar. If you instead first browse to http://acid2.acidtests.org/ and then click to take the test, that glitch doesn’t exist. Running Acid3 before doesn’t seem to affect the eye bug.

Even weirder, as mentioned in the year old bug report, if you try to run Acid3 again after running it once, the test doesn’t even start.

So, in case any KHTML dev reads Planet KDE, I suggest that you take a look at the bug report and investigate why one website (in this case Acid3) affects how another site renders.

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11 thoughts on “Konqueror doesn’t pass Acid2 (occasionally)”

  1. Ehhh… should not the title read “KHTML doesn’t pass Acid2 (occasionally)” ? It really irks me to no end when people always like to pile crap on poor Konqueror. Konqueror by itself does not render any websites and on top of that Konqueror + kwebkitpart will give you the very same result reKonq does because both are based on kdewebkit (wrapper library for QtWebKit). Oh well…

    1. No, because I chose the title in reference to the “Konqueror now passes Acid2” announcement.
      I know that you can use WebKit in Konqueror, but I also wrote “occasionally” in the title which (as you should know) means “not every time”. So even with Konqueror+WebKit users out there, there are also Konqueror+KHTML users and “occasionally” is true again.

    1. So you first executed Acid3 and then it still passes Acid2 for you?

      You did read my blog post, right? As I wrote: Some conditions have to be met to “make” Konqueror fail.

  2. Indeed, fails in trunk, but in a different way: both eyes and the right border at the eye level is missing.

  3. This is a serious security issue. If it was more popular, phishers could send people to the correct website, via theirs which set certain “conditions” to retrieve the data no?

    1. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. We have (so far at least) no indication that this is a security issue (but I’m also not a programmer who can tell what’s a security-related bug).
      That said, it looks like Acid3 lets a KHTML component crash or hang, so whether this is a security issue or not, that bug should be fixed.

  4. I have found another render error: The image looks fine, but when you start scrolling a part of the smiley starts moving up/down.

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