K3b 2.0 status update (incl. note to distributors)

It’s been quiet about K3b 2.0. It’s not that it’s no longer developed or anything.

There are two blocker bugs:

One related to DVD-DL burning (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=234033) and one to Blu-ray burning (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=236069).

The main problem is that Michał, the main developer, does not (yet) have a Blu-ray recorder to work on the a fix himself. He sent out letters to drive manufacturers to see whether they can sponsor one. No reply as of yet.

And the DVD-DL bug cannot be verified by either Michał or Sebastian.

So if you can help with either bug (eg. sponsoring a recorder, contributing code, testing), leave comment in the appropriate bug report or send Michał an e-mail (his address is also in the bug reports).

And now the note to distributors:
All KDE Platform 4-based releases were preview releases (Alpha, Beta, RC) of 2.0. This means unless a new pre-release added a dependency that you can’t meet (IIRC it only affects the switch from sudo to KAuth that was done relatively late and AFAIK also requires SC 4.4), you really should package newer K3b releases as official updates – especially as there is a full feature and string freeze in place since the first RC (when you shipped pre-releases of Firefox 3.0 and Thunderbird 3.0 you had no problems doing the same).
The K3b team is very very small. And while I try to get some of the work load off Michał’s back (like blogging about status updates), incoming reports for bugs that are already fixed, but you don’t package newer versions, increase the load in an unnecessary way.

Thanks for reading and since I like promoting bands who are not known around the world, here’s one song from an awesome Romanian music group (and the vid’s funny, too): Șuie Paparude – Armada verbală

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15 thoughts on “K3b 2.0 status update (incl. note to distributors)”

  1. Not sure what the general policy is about this: Should I comment on the bug if I also can’t reproduce it?

    1. Yes, please. That could mean that a cause for a bug was resolved as a byproduct of another patch or something. This helps closing bugs.

  2. I have a bluray burner in my laptop. They are very cheap nowadays.

    Sucks that you guys have an issue with it. I’d help if I could reproduce it.

    There isn’t just problems in K3B but Linux in general.
    One example: Try running a live CD or live DVD from a bluray drive and many distributions will say they can’t find your CD drive. Note: I am running off a physical CD or DVD.. not a bluray. It’s simply the bluray drive that confuses it. Ubuntu 10.04 works though.

    One of the main issues in projects developed by individuals like ourselves. Keeping up with modern hardware requires buying modern hardware.

  3. I have a lg bluray drive myself, but only reader. Until now on linux udf formated blurays are not readable if its a burned not pressed disc. Lucky i have a mac from work to read and copy files. Would be nice to be able to read the files at least. A bluray writer is nice for backup but external discs are cheaper and faster and bigger.

  4. Is this bug K3B specific? Have you tried with the cdrecord backend (instead of wodim)?

    1. How would I know? I’m not the bug reporter and I don’t even own a Blu-ray recorder.

  5. I can help with getting a DVD-DL burner (those are pretty cheap nowadays). If you can give me more info (you can email me at the address I left), I’d be glad to contribute a DVD-DL burner to the cause.

    Bluray writers are a bit more pricey and will need at least a few people to pool resources… I’m down for that, too, if there’s something organized – or can we just contribute here: http://www.kde.org/community/donations/ and you devs can sort it out from there?

  6. Asking for help is great, but care to share how? not yet, but soon I’m gonna burn bluerays and would be happy to have a working software. So where to send money to?

    1. Let’s first wait a while for the manufacturers’ replies. If they don’t answer or the answer is no, Michał is the one to receive donations. You can e-mail him or the k3b-devel list.

  7. KDE obviously needs a better donation system. Constant fund raisers etc. The lack of a BR-burner shouldn’t stop anything. Marketing team, hello???

    1. Hi Tom!

      Up and until now teams have taken care of this themselves, or they asked e.V. for help. So if the K3B team wants to do a fund raiser, they can ask KDE e.V. to help out. Of course the Marketing team will help in communication and stuff 😉

      1. I already said on the mailing list that it’s likely wise to involve the eV and if only for sending a prepared e-mail from the official address to hardware manufacturers.
        Sebastian’s reply was that the eV has enough to do already. Now Michał wants to do this himself. I just communicate it.

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