Which window decoration do you use?

With the recent talk about “Elegance” I proposed to the KWin mailing list to no longer ship some of the KWin decorations as part of the default installation.

To make it clear: The proposal is not about forbidding people to use those decorations. The current idea is to move them to the “KDE Artwork” module where they are still available to all SC users if they choose to install that package.

I’ve posted a poll to find out which of our shipped decorations are even used.
You can find the poll in our awesome KDE Forums.


7 thoughts on “Which window decoration do you use?”

  1. I would drop out all third party decorations, that counts Bespin, Aurorae, QtCurve. And same time I would have dropped all the old decorations and leave only two. Oxygen and Plastik.

    But the bottom line is not that we need to drop decorations from default installation. But that we do not have native (C++) decorations than few. Look Metacity and Emerdale decorations… there are huge amount of them! Reason for that is Pixmap what is not so effective.

    What we need, is very clear and simple guides to code the decorations. So those who are not yet familiar with C++ or KWin, can get them. Then we need artist who could start porting pixmaps and other mockups to C++ decorations.

    Pixmap decorations use too much CPU/GPU. I have GT 8600 (old, but still powerfull enough for new games) and all window drawing lacks with it. Same thing is with new Radon HD series card. Natives works perfectly.

  2. A poll might be a good idea, but if KDE forums the right place to reach our users?
    I tried following the link, but I could not vote without registering, and that in itself put me off on the idea of voting altogether.

    1. I think a poll in our forum, advertised through our “Planet” is the best way to reach our users.
      Why would I do it somewhere else?

      As for registration: Using one of the free poll services online without registration would make it far easier to cheat.

  3. I use QtCurve because it is most consistent across desktop — and let’s face it, there are lots of good GTK+ apps that are necessary. It is good to have all of them ‘look’ alike even if they behave differently (someday that might be fixed too.)

  4. I use Plastic for a few reasons:
    1) Easy to see, coloured borders
    2) Configurable buttons (Keep Above All)
    3) Centered title text

    Other than that, QtCurve is good and Oxygen is pretty. QtCurve needs coloured borders and an option to unround the top corners as well as the bottom (usability issue with X close button). Oxygen needs some usability work as well.

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