K3b 2.0.1 Released

So, here it is: The first K3b release done by me (Michał and Sebastian are still the main programmers, though).
I hope I didn’t mess anything up – I’m still fresh at this release manager job. 😉

Get the source code tarball from here (be sure the file is 11.7MB in size – in my first test download SourceForge aborted after 4MB).

The following bugs have been fixed since 2.0.0:

  • Freeze on ripping Audio CD using external encoder to MP3 or FLAC (236466)
  • Drag and drop from Dolphin doesn’t work (242745)
  • Symbolic links are not added to a project when a folder is added recursively (243555)
  • Install app icons to hicolor so that they are visible in non KDE WMs (BNC619731)
  • Overburn doesn’t work (241534)
  • Data part of mixed CD is not written – searching for previous session doesn’t work (246798)
  • Fixed the speed comparision and formatting when cdrecord changes the writing speed automatically (246262, 243482)
  • Track pointer seg fault (247588)

If there anything wrong with this tarball, please comment here. If you have usual bug reports, please file them at bugs.kde.org.

Apart from the both usual suspects Michał and Sebastian, this release contains fixes by Nicolas Lécureuil (Mandriva) and Will Stephenson (SUSE). Thanks to both!


10 thoughts on “K3b 2.0.1 Released”

  1. Nice to hear that K3b development is still active and it has not got forgotten. Even it would need some refreshment 😉

  2. The 2.0.1 version lost a lot of translations in desktop and menuservices file; e.g. italian.
    Best regards

  3. Nice – but this still doesn’t support UDF 2.5, which is *required* to burn Bluray Video or AVCHD! Why does no one seem to care? How can you advertise “Bluray-support” when in fact no Linux-Tool is able to actually burn Blurays that you can watch in your player? No Linux burning tool can create UDF 2.5 images due to mkudffs not having been updated for eons! The UDF 2.5 spec is from 2003, that’s 7 years old, and Linux still can’t create it (only read!)…

    Nero 4 Linux is so far the only linux-tool that can create/burn UDF 2.5!… And K3B/Brasero/etc can’t even handle the UDF2.5 ISO-images created with Nero (they’re empty just with a lost+found directory!)

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