WTH?!? I need to use AdBlock on AdBlock?

After my last blog post I promised myself to concentrate more on KDE again but this blows my mind:
My AdBlock Plus extension for Firefox was updated recently. Today I opened its context menu and found a huge “Recommend us on Facebook” button in the menu.


Luckily Firefox’ GUI is itself rendered with FF’s own rendering engine which means that AdBlock Plus can block parts of the GUI.
A quick look into ABP’s forums turned out to have a solution already: Just subscribe to the “Antisocial” list on http://adversity.uk.to/


8 thoughts on “WTH?!? I need to use AdBlock on AdBlock?”

  1. wow thats really outrageous, how can they dare to promote themselfs and their good work – on facebook?!! evil! ahh ! run!

    you’re free to not click the button – so whats the fuss all about

    1. i disagree with you,is okay to promote your own job,but as the author of the article i dislike invasive ads in my desktop and i will never stand that,well done!

      1. Well, adblocking parts of GUIs is a side effect of Firefox’ XUL system, not a special feature of Adblock Plus

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