Video game emulators for Linux

What started as an effort to package Ishiiruka-Dolphin for Linux has grown into a broader project. It grew in silence but I thought it’s time I formally announce it.

My Open Build Service repository ships release versions of:

And it ships regular Git snapshots (for very active projects almost daily) of:

Everything in this repo is 100% legal. Games, firmware, or BIOS dumps are NOT included and will never be (unless someone makes a legal reimplementation of those). Some emulators are still highly experimental (such as Decaf) and don’t even work for anything but simple homebrew stuff.

It’s not always possible but I try to target the current and the last Fedora releases, the current and the last openSUSE Leap releases, as well as openSUSE Tumbleweed. I build for x86-64 only. Some of the packages would also build for CentOS, Mageia, and 32bit x86 but I decided not not enable these build targets to reduce strain on OBS servers – I’d be happy to accept tweaks and fixes, should anyone of you fork a package into your OBS home repo and build it there.

Dolphin/Ishiiruka users might also be interested in this collection of gamepad layout presets:

UPDATE: Added bsnes.


2 thoughts on “Video game emulators for Linux”

    1. Sadly OBS does not support Flatpak at the moment. I’ve left a feature request months ago but so far nothing happened.

      I’ll look into Flatpak support at some point. Need to learn it first, though.

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